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    You can set FIDE and USCF Ratings for your students which will be useful when you want to seed the players based on their ratings (LINK) when conducting tournaments (see section about tournaments – LINK).

    1) Select the Rating Systems for Your Academy

    The first step is to select the Rating system(s) that suits your academy. You can do that by going to ‘Settings‘ in the “Academy” section:

    We support the following Rating systems:

    1. FIDE Standard
    2. FIDE Rapid
    3. FIDE Blitz
    4. USCF Regular
    5. USCF Quick
    6. USCF Blitz

    Select the ones that suit your Academy by checking the relevant boxes.

    2) Set Ratings for Your Students

    Now go to the ‘Students‘ section where you can set the Ratings for all your students:

    As you can see above, only the Rating systems you have chosen for your Academy in the first step (in ‘Settings’) will be shown for your students. Since in this example, only ‘FIDE Rapid‘, ‘USCF Quick‘, and ‘USCF Regular‘ were the ones chosen in ‘Settings‘, they are shown for the students.

    Click on the ‘Ratings‘ shown alongside the students name to set ratings for your students individually. After clicking ‘Ratings’, enter/update the Rating for the particular student:

    As you can see, the FIDE Rapid Rating has been updated for the student. Similarly, you can update the Ratings for all your students.

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