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    As a coach, you can set academy-level board preference.

    1. WHO will see this preference – everyone in your academy
    2. WHERE will this setting be applied – all boards in the platform

    Note: The personal board preference of all your academy members will be overridden when you set academy-level board preference. However, they can always change their personal board preference if they want to.

    To do that, go to Settings tab in the “Academy” section:

    In addition to the four preset colors, you can manually select custom colors for white/light and black/dark squares. You can also change the piece set.

    You can use the color-picker to choose your colors or paste a HEX color code. In the below example, we are pasting the color code #4fa39d for dark squares.

    You can also change your piece set to Chesslang’s “Minion Chess Set” (kids love it!):

    Finally, click “Save” to set the academy-level board preference. You will then see the following message:

    Now you will see the board has been changed in all places in the platform (Board, Classroom, Simul, Game Area, Tournaments, etc.) for you and everyone in your academy:

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