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    During the class, you can send animated expressions to all or specific set of students in the Classroom. To do that, press the ‘N‘ key or click the expression icon shown below:

    How does it work?

    While teaching your students, you can send these animated expressions to your students to keep them engaged. You can also add a text along with an expression if you would like to add a message.

    This animation will appear on their screen for 20 seconds. They can also close it before 20 seconds if they want to.

    What are the available animations?

    The different categories of animated expressions are:

    1. Emoticons
    2. Celebration
    3. Characters
    4. Appreciation
    5. Award

    How to send an animated expression?

    You can send an expression in just 4 steps:

    1. Choose an animation
    2. Select individual or all students
    3. Add an input message, if needed
    4. Hit the ‘Send’ button

    If you want to select the expression to individual students instead of all students, simply uncheck the option and select students individually, as shown below:

    Below is an example of how you can send an expression to all students:

    The expression pop-up will appear on the students’ screens, as shown below:

    The pop-up will be closed after 20 seconds. You and your students can also click the “Close” button to close it.

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