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    If you want to create quizzes in advance and schedule them (to be visible to your students only from a particular date), you can make use of the “Schedule Quiz” option.

    Why schedule quiz?

    If you regularly create quizzes for your students, let’s say as daily/weekly assignments, then scheduling quizzes can be handy for you. You don’t have to create quiz on each day. Instead, you can create all quizzes at once and just schedule them at appropriate days. Your students would see the quizzes only from those days.

    How to schedule quiz?

    While creating the quiz, enable the toggle “Schedule Quiz” as shown below:

    Then, you need to select the “Start Time” of the quiz – your students will be able to see the quiz only after this time.

    After selecting the date and time from which you want your students to see the quiz, click “OK”:

    Finally, click “Done” to create and schedule the quiz:

    Students seeing the quiz only after “Start Time”

    The quiz will be visible to your students only after the “Start Time”. They won’t be able to see it until then:

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