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    You can promote your academy’s brand by asking people to watch a LIVE tournament from your academy website; when conducting tournaments, you can add branding elements on the public live page, and share the link to the parents/relatives of your students and invite them to watch their kids play – learn about public live.

    Setup your Info page

    The first step is to setup the ‘Info’ page – this is where you can determine how the public live page of your tournaments should look like. In the “Academy” section, click the ‘Info’ tab:

    • Name – Enter the name of your academy
    • Social media – Promote your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube profiles by pasting the links
    • Info – Use this text area to promote your upcoming tournaments, events, special classes, coaching camps, etc. Or you may also write something about yourself or your academy
    • Add Image – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words‘, so add some catchy images – your academy logo, banners, etc. The cool part is that you can also add links if you want the people who click on the image to visit a page. For example, a link to registration page of your classes/tournaments. You can also add multiple images.

    Recommended image resolution: 1280 x 720 px

    That’s it, after setting up the page click ‘Submit’ to save the changes – your public live page is good to go!


    The information (texts and images) you give in the ‘Info’ tab under “Academy” will apply to ALL your tournaments. So if you want to change it for the next tournament, you have to make the changes in the ‘Info’ tab again.

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