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    If you want to edit the students details or add/remove them from groups in large numbers (bulk edit), then you can use the Export and Import options in the ‘Students’ tab of the Academy section.

    Exporting students

    You can export a specially-formatted spreadsheet i.e. a CSV file (comma-separated value), which will have the details of all students in your academy. This will help you with tasks like:

    • Having a single file to view all your students details
    • Editing your students details in bulk (change in username, email, lichess username, adding/removing from groups, etc.)

    To export all your students in a CSV file, click the “Export” button, and the CSV file will be downloaded:

    Bulk edit in CSV file

    After the CSV file is downloaded, open it to edit your students details. The students will be sorted in the ascending order of their first name. Below is an example:

    The different columns and their purpose are explained in the below table:

    ColumnDescriptionData Requirements
    uuidThis is the unique ID of the student account. Do NOT make any changes to this column. Otherwise your import will fail.Required. Cannot be blank or missing. Do NOT edit.
    usernameUsername of the student account. For example: chesslang_1, chesslang_2, etc.Required. Cannot be blank or missing. You can edit this if needed.
    firstnameFirst name of the student. For example: ‘John’ in ‘John Doe’Required, but can be blank. You can edit this if needed.
    lastnameLast name of the student. For example: ‘Doe’ in ‘John Doe’Required, but can be blank. You can edit this if needed.
    emailEmail address generated for the student account.Required. Cannot be blank or missing. You can edit this if needed.
    lichess_idlichess username of the student. This can be used to sync games played by the student on lichess.Required, but can be blank. You can add/edit student’s lichess username.
    groupsGroups in which the student is present. If blank, it means that the student is not present in any group. To add a student to a group, you first have to create the group as explained here. You can’t create a new student group by mentioning it in the CSV file and then importing it.

    • Add/Remove from groups: You can add/remove your students from one or more groups by entering their names separated by a comma. For example: When the cell value is “Special Classes,Beginners,Intermediates”, the student will be added to these 3 groups when importing the file.
    • Remove from all groups: To remove your students from all groups, leave the cell blank.
    Required, but can be blank. You can edit this if needed.

    In the below example, we are updating the last name for Ben, and adding Bose to the “Beginners” group.

    After making all changes, save the CSV file (you can also save it as a new CSV file if you don’t wish to overwrite the exported CSV file).

    Importing students

    To import a CSV file to the platform, click on the “Import” button, and then choose the file to upload it.

    a) Import Successful

    When the CSV file has correct details as per the data requirements mentioned above, the import will be successful and you will see this message:

    And you can see the changes we made to the CSV file are updated. That is, Ben’s last name is updated and Bose has been added to the “Beginners” group.

    b) Import Failed (errors in CSV file)

    When your CSV file has some errors such as an incorrect group name or empty username and/or uuid, you will see an error message.

    Important note: When your imported CSV file has some errors, only those rows will remain unchanged. All the other changes will pass through and will be reflected in Academy –> Students.

    In the below example, we are trying to add Carlos to a group “New Student Group” which does not exist.

    And when we try to import this file, we will see the following error:

    in Academy