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    Prerequisite: To create invoices and collect payments from your students, you need to set up your Instamojo account and complete the integration process as explained here.

    First, go to the “Invoices” tab under the ‘Academy’ section. Then, click the “Create” button:

    The following details are associated with the invoice:

    1. Invoice Number: This is automatically generated
    2. Type: Type of the invoice – whether it is for a single student or multiple students
    3. Students/Groups: Select the student(s) for whom you want to create the invoice
    4. Description: Mention the purpose of the invoice. For example, “Chess Classes – Feb”
    5. Issue Date
    6. Due Date
    7. Items: You can add multiple items/services under a single invoice. For each item, you should mention the quantity and amount
    8. Remarks: Additional remarks you want to make for your reference

    Below is an example:

    Note for creating invoice for multiple students: Select the type “Multiple Students” and select the students/groups for whom you want to create the invoice. An unique invoice will be created for each student selected. Therefore, multiple invoices (for the same amount, services, etc.) can be created simultaneously. 

    You can click “+ Add Item” and the delete icon to add/delete more items. 

    Finally, click “Send” to create the invoice and confirm the action by clicking “Yes”:

    Please wait for a few seconds for the invoice to be processed – do not refresh or close the window.

    Finally, you will see the invoice being created:

    Copy the Instamojo payment link and share it with the student/parent to collect payments.

    Learn more about how students/parents will pay for the invoice – click here.


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