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    After getting into the “Tournaments” tab, you will see the list of your current, upcoming, and past tournaments.

    Click on the “Create Tournament” button at the top right  to get started:

    Creating a tournament is a 3-step process: entering the tournament details, the tournament schedule, and selecting the participants.

    1. Details

    This section asks for the basic tournament details such as:

    1. Tournament name – for eg: Monthly Blitz Tournament – Jan 2020
    2. Description (optional) – you can give a short description for your tournament if needed. You can use text formatting, embed links, and even use the listing (bulleted/numbered) to mention the tournament rules or schedule.
    3. Choose date – select the Start Date and End Date of the tournament
    4. Choose start time – the time when the first round of the tournament starts
    5. Timezone – this comes in handy if your academy has students from different places of the world and you want to specify a common timezone
    6. Rating System – choose the Rating system to seed the players for this tournament (learn about Ratings system here – LINK and about seeding players based on students’ ratings here – LINK )
    7. Number of rounds
    8. Time Control and Increment
    9. Allow Resign and Draw – allow/disallow students to resign games and send draw offers, learn about it here – LINK
    10. Game type – Standard, Book Opening, Custom FEN

    Game types:

    • Standard – standard format
    • Book Opening – choose initial position (for all rounds) from a list of book openings
    • Custom FEN – paste a FEN or setup a position on the board for your custom initial position (for all rounds)

    2. Schedule

    This is where you set the schedule of the tournament rounds. The schedule will be auto-generated based on the given Time-control, Start Date,  and End Date of the tournament. If you want to edit the schedule, click on the “Edit” button in the ‘Action’ column.

    3. Participants

    The final step in the process of tournament creation is to select the participants. You can select students either individually or in groups.

    Only the players selected here will see the tournament on their screens and will be able to join the tournament.

    That’s it, click “Create” to create the tournament!

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