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    You can host simultaneous exhibitions to play against all students in your academy simultaneously. After you have logged in to the platform, go to the “Simul” section:

    Next, click on the “Create Simul” button at the top-right:

    1) Description

    The first step is to describe your simul. Give your simul a name and a short description. Then, select the date and time of your simul.

    2) Time-control

    In the next step, you can set the time-control for the participants and give yourself (simul host) extra time, if needed.

    The time-control in the above example is:

    • For participants: 10 minutes + 3 seconds per move
    • Host (you): 40 minutes + 3 seconds per move

    3) Game Settings

    In the third step, you can determine the colour you want to play with, and the initial position for the simul games.


    • Random – you will get both White and Black in random
    • White – you will play White in all games
    • Black – you will play Black in all games

    Game type:

    • Standard – standard initial position
    • Book Opening – select from the list of book openings, all games will start from that opening
    • Custom FEN – paste your own FEN to play all games from that position

    3) Participants

    In the final step, you can choose the participants for the simul.

    • Open to academy – all students in your academy will be able to join the simul and play
    • Open to invitees only – select a set of students or student groups as simul participants

    Finally, click “Create” to create the simul.

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