Article sections

    After creating a chapter, if you want to add positions to it, go inside the chapter by clicking on it, and click the “Add positions” button at the top-right:

    Then, enter the position details, setup the position, and finally click “Create“:

    1. Name – Name of the position (Ex: Opposition)
    2. FEN/Setup Position – Click the ‘Setup Position’ to setup the board
    3. Goal – Whether the student has to “Win” or “Draw”
    4. Level – Easy, Medium, Hard
    5. Video URL – Paste a video URL which will be embedded while your students are practicing (like a tutorial, how to solve the problem)
    6. Description – A short text description about the problem. You can use this field to enter the solution or explain how to solve.
    7. Tags – Enter relevant tags for your reference (Ex: Pawn, Endgame, Oppositon)

    If you want to know how the video URL works, please see here.

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