Article sections

    You can find all your databases in the “Database” section:

    1) Viewing databases

    You will see the following sections:

    1) Databases: List of all your databases – My Databases, Shared Databases, and Public Databases
    2) List of games: List of games in the selected database
    3) Preview: Preview of the selected game in a database

    You can also resize these sections as per your wish. For instance, you can enlarge the preview section by dragging its pane to the left so you can see an enlarged board:

    2) Categories of databases

    You will see 3 main categories (or folders) of databases:

    1) My Databases: All the databases that you upload to your folder. Others can’t see your databases unless you share with them – click here to know more.
    2) Shared Databases: This folder will have the databases shared by your academy members and your students – click here to know more.
    3) Public Databases: You will find all the databases that we provide for you in the ‘Public Databases’ – click here to know more.

    3) Viewing games

    You can see the games under your databases in just 3 steps:

    1. Select the database from your list of databases
    2. Select a game that you want to view
    3. Preview the game on the side

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