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    If you want your students to complete a quiz before a certain period of time, you can set deadlines to the quizzes.

    1) Setting a deadline

    To set a deadline to the quiz, simply enable the “Set a deadline” option and select a date and time for the deadline.

    Note: Your students can still solve after the deadline, but they won’t get any points.

    2) Deadline information shown to students

    Your students will see the deadline, if set, on the quiz card:

    3) Student solving quiz past deadline

    Once the deadline has passed, your students will be informed about it. Even if they are in the middle of solving an activity, they will see the following popup the moment the deadline has passed:

    The “Past Deadline” label will also be shown at the top.

    On hovering over the label, the detailed message will be shown:

    4) No points for solving after deadline

    As mentioned above, your students won’t get points for the activities solved after the deadline has passed.

    In this example, we can see that the student has scored 20 points for solving the first 2 activities. Now that the deadline has passed, we can see that no points are rewarded even though the student has solved the 3rd activity correctly, i.e. the points remain 20:

    5) Identifying activities solved after deadline

    As a coach when you are seeing the student’s attempts for the quiz, the activities that were solved by the student after the deadline are clearly distinguished with a red clock icon at the top, as shown below:

    On hovering over the icon, you will see the message that the student has solved this activity after the deadline has passed:

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