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    If you want to block a student from sending messages in the group chat, you can block that student. An user can be blocked or unblocked in two ways:

    1. Block/Unblock directly in group
    2. Block/Unblock student

    1) Block User

    To block a student, click on the options icon across the student name, and click “Block User“:

    Below is an example of how to block a student in a group chat:

    Once a student is blocked, he or she won’t be able to send messages in the group chat until you unblock them. The blocked student will see a 🚫 cursor when trying to send a message:

    Also, you will see a ⊖ icon across the student after you’ve blocked them:

    2) Unblock User

    You can unblock a student either directly in group or using the options icon across the student name, as shown below:

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