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    If for some reason, you want to connect with your students via Google Meet for your online classes on Chesslang Classroom, the “picture-in-picture” (PIP) mode can be useful.

    What is “picture-in-picture” (PIP) mode?

    The picture-in-picture (PiP) mode shrinks a video into a small player so you can keep watching while using other applications on your device.

    Using PIP for Chesslang Classroom

    Step-1: Create a classroom in the Chesslang platform (as explained here – LINK)

    Step-2: Ensure that your students have joined the Classroom and the Google Meet where you will be communicating with your students.

    Step-3: Before starting your class, go to the Google Meet, click on the options icon, and then select “Open picture-in-picture

    Now you will see the Meeting opened in PIP mode at the bottom right of your screen:

    Step-4: Now go to the Chesslang Classroom and you will still see the Google Meet in PIP mode:

    Step-5: You can also drag-drop the PIP meeting wherever you want. For example, you may place it in the video call area at the top-right. You can also resize the panes for an enlarged view:

    This way you can conduct the class and see your students (in the PIP) at the same time!

    How to record your online classes?

    If you want to record your online classes, you may use the Chrome Extension “Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder” – click here to learn how.

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