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    If you want to use Zoom video conferencing for your online classes, you first have to connect your zoom account with your Chesslang coaching platform account.

    Note: If you have multiple coaches in your academy and everyone wants to use Zoom in Chesslang Classroom, we recommend that all coaches set up their individual Zoom apps.

    1) Setting your Zoom app

    First, you have to build a JWT app to support Zoom integration in Classroom. To do that, go to the Zoom App Marketplace – – and sign in with your Zoom account.

    Click “Sign in” at the top-right, and then sign in with your Zoom account.

    After signing in, click “Agree” to agree to Zoom’s Marketplace Terms of Use:

    After that, click on “Develop” at the top-right and choose “Build App“:

    Now click “Agree” to agree to Zoom’s API License and Terms of Use:

    Now create a JWT app:

    In the pop-up that appears, enter the App Name. For example, your academy name. Then click “Create“:

    Then, you have to enter the following details:

    • Company Name – for example, your academy name
    • Developer Contact Information – your name and email address

    Finally, click “Continue“:

    Now you will see your API Key and API Secret. Click “Copy” to copy them and paste them into your Chesslang account’s settings. 

    2) Connecting your Zoom app in Chesslang

    Go to the “Settings” page:

    At the bottom, you can find the input fields to enter your JWT key and JWT secret.Copy the API Key and API Secret values and paste them here, respectively. Finally, click “Save“.

    Now you will see that your Zoom app is connected:

    Now you can use Zoom video conferencing in Chesslang Classroom – click here to see how.

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