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    1) What is an open/public classroom?

    Open or Public Classroom is a classroom that is open for ANYONE to join. In other words, it is like conducting an open online webinar. Once you create a public classroom, a unique link will be created which you can share on your academy website, social media, emails, etc. And ANYONE can join your open classroom with that link. The participants don’t have to be an existing student/user of your platform.

    2) How does it help?

    This is a great way for getting leads for your academy, because ANYONE can join your open classroom. If you do live streams often, this is great way to convert all your viewers to participants, and eventually your academy members.

    3) How to create a public classroom?

    When creating a class, you can enable the “Public” mode. After that, you have to enter a “Passcode” with which the participants will join your class.


    You may either schedule the class for a future date/time or start the class right away by clicking the “Start” button.

    3.1) Copying public link of scheduled class

    In case you have scheduled your public classroom, you can find it under the “Upcoming” section of your classes. You can find an option to copy the public link:

    3.2) Copying public link inside classroom

    In case you have started the class right away, you will see an option to copy the public link at the top right. Click that to copy the public link.

    Now you can share this link and the passcode on your academy website, social media, forums, emails, Whatsapp, etc. and encourage anyone and everyone to join your public classroom.

    4) Participants joining your public classroom

    Once the participant clicks on the public link, they will see a form to register themselves to your classroom. The participant can join your classroom by entering their name, email, and the passcode.

    Note: If you want to learn how to configure your public pages, add your academy logo, background images, etc., click here.

    The participants of your public classroom won’t see the sidebar icons inside the platform, and they won’t be able to access other modules such as Game Area, Tournaments, etc. They will only see the classroom page.

    Participants view

    As participants join your classroom, you can find them under the “Participants” tab:

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