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    1) Payment link

    After creating an invoice, you can find the payment link associated with the invoice in the invoices listing screen or the invoice details screen.

    Payment link in invoices listing screen

    Payment link in invoice details screen

    Copy the payment link and share it with the student/parent to collect payments.

    2) Student/Parent making the payment

    When the student/parent opens the payment link, they have to enter their email address and phone number to proceed:

    After they click next, they will see the different payment methods:

    Note: The student/parent will also be charged a small convenience fee by Instamojo as part of their transaction fee. You can find more details here. In this example, it is Rs. 3.97.

    By clicking “More payment options”, more payment options will be shown such as credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.

    After they make the payment, they will see the “Payment Successful” message and will receive a receipt to their email.

    3) Invoice status changed to “Paid”

    After the student/parent has made the payment, the invoice status will be changed to “Paid” automatically.


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