Article sections

    Class details

    The following details of your classes will be shown in the “Classroom” section:

    • Date and time of the class
    • Class name (title)
    • Coach name and username (person who created the class)
    • Number of students

    Classroom history

    These are the categories of classes in the “Classroom” section:

    1. In Progress
    2. Upcoming
    3. Completed

    1) In Progress

    The classes that are ongoing (in progress) will be shown here. Once you create a new class and start it, it will be under “In Progress”.

    2) Upcoming

    When you create and schedule a class, it will be shown under “Upcoming”.

    3) Completed

    All the classes that are completed (after you clicked the ‘Exit’ button) will be shown under the “Completed” section.

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