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    In addition to referring to your own coaching materials in your Classroom (using the “References” section), you can also access the Chesslang Masterbase which has over 1 million games, and will be updated regularly.

    To access the Chesslang Masterbase, first go to “Load Games/Positions”:

    And then go to the “Masterbase” tab:

    1) Quick filters

    You can make use of the 3 quick filters to search for games as per your needs. The 3 quick filters are:

    • < 20 Moves – this will give you “Short games” which are less than 20 moves in total
    • Elo > 2500 – this will give you games where the ratings of both White and Black players are above 2500
    • Board Position – this will search for top 1000 Masterbase games that match with the current board position

    Let’s see some examples on how you can use these quick filters.

    a) < 20 Moves

    Simply click the “< 20 Moves” quick filter and the Masterbase table of games will be updated:

    b) Elo > 2500

    After clicking clicking the “Elo > 2500” quick filter, you will only see the games where the players’ ratings are more than 2500:

    c) Board Position

    This quick filter helps you to find games that have the current position on the main Classroom board. It gives you the top 1000 games in the order of recently played games. For example, let’s say you are teaching the Sicilian Defense opening to your students, and you have played the first few opening moves:

    Now if you want to find games from the Najdorf variation, simply click the “Board Position” filter:

    And you can see the top 1000 and most recent games from the Masterbase which has this board position.

    Board Position Search tool

    You can also make use of the “Board Position Search” tool below the Classroom board to perform this operation:

    Clicking this tool will automatically open the Masterbase tab and the “Board Position” filter will be applied:

    Board Position Search – updating for every move

    When you have enabled the “Board Position” filter, the Masterbase games will filter games according to the latest board position, as you make moves on the board:

    Combination of filters

    You can also enable multiple filters at a time. For example, you can search for Masterbase games that has the board position and also have less than 20 moves in total:

    2) Load game

    If you want to load a game from the Masterbase to the Classroom board, simply click the “Load game” button below the game:

    3) Preview game

    You can also preview the game without loading the entire game, by navigating through the moves in Masterbase:

    4) Search

    If you want to search for games played by a particular player, you can make use of the “Search” bar. For example, typing “Carlsen” will give you the games played by Magnus Carlsen:

    5) Page navigation

    You can also navigate through the pages by clicking the forward and backward icons. Or, you can also enter a page number and press ‘Enter’ key to quickly jump to that page:

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