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    If you want to interact with your students during the class by asking them questions, you can use the ‘Ask Question‘ feature. You can ask questions in two ways:

    1. Ask Question‘ from the current position on the board, using the tool below the board
    2. Using the “References” tab – from your databases. If you want to know about using reference materials, please see this FAQ.

    1. Ask Question from current position

    To ask students question from the position on board, you can use the ‘Ask Question‘ tool below the board:

    You will then have to input a solution for the question, so that you can test the correctness of your students’ responses. To do that, click the ‘Edit Solution‘ button:

    After that, make moves on the board shown, to set the solution. Finally, click ‘OK‘:

    After entering the solution, click ‘Ask‘ to ask the question:

    2. Ask Question from Reference material (Databases)

    1) Ask question

    Once you select a particular position from the ‘References’ tab, you will notice a “Ask” button, as shown below:

    Upon clicking the button, you will see the following window:

    1. Title: You can input your question here
    2. Time in seconds: You can also set a time for your students to solve the puzzle
    3. Points: The number of points your students will get for solving (one point will be reduced for every wrong attempt)
    4. Solution: Ensure that your problems have solution, i.e. the moves. You can also input your own solution by editing the solution as explained above.

    Finally, you can click the ‘Ask’ button to ask the question to all your students, at the same time.

    2) Students answer

    The students can answer the question by solving the puzzle, i.e. making moves on the chessboard. When they make an an incorrect move, they will be notified. The number of attempts they took to solve the puzzle will be shown on the Leaderboard, as shown below:

    3) Live Leaderboard

    As you can see above, as soon as the students solve, their name will be highlighted with a green background in the ‘Leaderboard ‘tab.

    As you ask more questions and your students solve them, the points will be accumulated, and the Leaderboard will be updated.

    4) How are points calculated?

    The points are calculated based on the students’ attempts. One point will be reduced for every wrong attempt.

    • Solve in the first attempt – 10 points
    • One mistake, solve in the second attempt – 9 points
    • Two mistakes, solve in the third attempt – 8 points
    • And so on

    5) Show/Hide Leaderboard to students

    You can choose whether or not to show the Leaderboard to students. Simply check or uncheck the button in the ‘Leaderboard’ tab, as shown below:

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