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    If you want to add other coaches of your Academy and assign students to them, you can do that in the ‘Coaches‘ tab in the ‘Academy’ section, as shown below:

    1. Invite Coach

    Before inviting/adding a new coach, ensure that they have signed up to your Academy (they have to sign up at Only those coaches who have signed up can be invited. To add a new coach, click the ‘Invite Coach‘ button. You will then have to enter their username or email address (with which they signed up) to send the invitation:

    2. Coach receives invitation via email

    The coach will receive the invitation at their email address. The email will look like this:

    3. Invite status

    You won’t be able to assign students and groups to them until they accept the invite. You will see the status ‘Invite sent’ if they have not accepted the invite yet, as shown below:

    After they have accepted the invite, they can login to your Academy and start using the platform. Also, you will be to assign students and groups to them, as shown below:

    4. Assign students

    You can assign students to them by clicking on ‘Assign Students‘. Select the students you want to assign to the coach, then click the ‘Assign‘ button:

    After that, the coach will get access to those students – to teach them online with Session, create assignments, play casual games in the ‘Game Area’, and invite them as participants for tournaments. If you want to make some changes or remove a few students for the coach, you can deselect them and make the changes.

    5. Assign groups

    If you want to assign an entire student group, you can do that as well, by clicking the “Assign Groups” option. When you assign a group to a coach, the coach will have access to all the students of that group, and the coach will also see that student group in the “Groups” section. However, they can’t edit or delete the group.

    And then you can select the group(s) you want to assign to the sub-coach:

    And the sub-coach will see the group under Academy –> Groups, but with read-only access. The sub-coach cannot edit (add/remove students) or delete the group:

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