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    You can add/remove participants in Classroom from the “Participants” tab:

    1) Add participants

    Let’s say you’re conducting a group class and you missed to select/invite a student when creating the classroom. In this case, you can simply add that student by clicking the “Add participants” button in the “Participants” tab:

    After that, you have to select the students/groups you want to add as participants to the class:

    You can also add multiple students/groups. Finally, click “OK”:

    And you will see them being added as participants, and they will be able to join the class:

    2) Remove participants

    If you added a student to the class by mistake and you want to remove that student from the class, or if you want to remove a spammer in an open classroom, you can click the “X” mark across the participant to remove them:

    Then click “Yes” to confirm removing the participant:

    You will then see the participant has been removed from the classroom. They will no longer be able to join the classroom again unless you manually add them again.

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