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    1) What are Seats

    In the ‘Students’ tab of the “Academy” section, you will see two cards named “Active Seats” and “Total Seats“:

    • Total Seats: This number represents the maximum number of active students you can have in your academy.
    • Active Seats: This number represents the number of students who are active.

    2) Active/Inactive student accounts

    When a student account is active, a student of your academy can use that account and access the platform. When a student account is inactive, it cannot be used by any student.

    3) How to activate/deactivate student accounts

    If a student is no longer part of your academy and that student account will no longer be used, you may deactivate that student account by clicking the button across the student name.

    We can see that the student account has become inactive:

    When you deactivate (or replace) a student account:

    1. The student account becomes “Inactive” and cannot be used.
    2. The student will be removed from all the groups he/she was part of.
    3. You can still see the students’ information – Quiz performance, Reports, Classroom stats, Games, etc.
    4. The student will be removed from all the sub-coaches he/she was assigned to.

    When a deactivated student tries to login, they will get the following error message:

    4) Sub-coach view

    Other coaches in your academy:

    1. They won’t be able to see the active and total seats
    2. They won’t be able to activate/deactivate student accounts
    3. They will only see the active student accounts assigned to them

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