Group classes can never get more interesting!

Introducing Chesslang Ask!

Yes! - Everyone can make moves in Ask mode at the same time

Create your own questions and import it into your online classroom. Now – you can ask as question to everyone in the classroom and your students can make moves simultaneously to answer your question. Cool isn’t it. You can also reward points for every right solution. With leaderboard and real-time sync, the group classes can never be more interesting.

Stay Connected with in-built Audio-Video Call

While your students are solving the puzzles, you can remain connected to them with our integrated audio-video conferencing. You can follow your classroom etiquette and you will have full control over your classes. That includes the following:

Set Timer for Solving

Encourage your students to solve puzzles quickly by setting a timer for each puzzle. Or, if you want to give some extra time for them to solve, you can do that as well. You can also manually exit the ‘Puzzle Mode’ for all your students. 

Motivate Students with Real-time Leaderboard

Let your students have fun along with learning – boost their adrenaline, add some competition to your online classes with real-time leaderboard, and achieve maximum participation. 

‘Can I use my Reference Materials?’

Do you have your own reference materials and want to ask questions from those puzzles/games? Yes, you can do that!

Upload your reference materials (PGN databases) to your own cloud database and use them for reference during your classes. You can load a position/puzzle, an entire game, or even ask your students to solve the puzzle.

‘But, I don’t have too many reference materials….’

Don’t worry, you can make use of our public reference materials – we have several problems and databases categorized into different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. 

‘Can I teach beginners with this?’

Sure, our platform can be used to teach students of all levels and age groups. You can make use of the special ‘Toggle Illegal’ feature to teach the absolute beginners, i.e. you can escape the chess rules and do anything on the board – teach how a knight or a rook moves, make moves for only pieces, and so on.