Conduct Bughouse games from your academy website!

Chesslang has launched its new and exciting feature, Bughouse chess. Now your students can play Bughouse chess (for their casual/friendly games) from your academy/club website!

In this article, we’ll learn how it works and most importantly, we’ll discuss the benefits of playing Bughouse chess. 

What is Bughouse chess?

Bughouse chess is a variant that is played by 4 players – two teams of two players each. Players in the same team play opposite colors and when they capture their opponent’s piece on the board, the player can pass the captured piece to his/her partner. 

The partner can keep that piece reserved for later. At any point during the game, they can place the reserve piece on the board (called as “dropping” a piece) and use it to their advantage!

How can children benefit from playing Bughouse chess?

Although playing Bughouse chess too often might not have a positive impact on a player’s growth, this variant has some benefits in general. 

1) Teamwork for kids

The first and major takeaway from this variant is that it helps children work in teams. Since the two players in a team depend on each other, communicate, and get help by means of asking for a particular piece/pawn, this interactive group setting instills teamwork and encourages them to work with their partners.

In Chesslang, the players can see both the boards. Additionally, the two players in a team can communicate with each other, discussing plans and ideas.

2) Boosts enthusiasm for chess

Unlike standard chess, bughouse is more fun and casual. Because of this, there is not much pressure on the child. It is great for beginners as they learn the value of different pieces in different positions. The variant attracts kids easily and their involvement in the game is uplifted. 

3) Improves tactical vision

The scope of chess tactics in bughouse is extremely large and unimaginable. As the players can drop their reserve pieces on the board at any time, it always helps them being tactically aware. 

It also teaches them about the power of initiative, which is a great learning for scholastic players for their normal/standard chess games. 

4) Engages scholastic players

As said above, bughouse chess is a great way to promote the game amongst the scholastic players. It helps them both in having fun and in learning something of value. It keeps them engaged which is the key to make progress in the game. 

Want to try this out for your students? Let your students play this variant from your chess academy/club website. Get in touch with us here