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Conduct online chess tournaments and group/individual classes with integrated audio-video and interactive chessboard. Yes, online.(yourwebsite).com will be your chess platform!

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Tournaments | Group Classes | Assignments | Game Room | Database | Blindfold | Practice | Analyze Games

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Tired of boring group classes?

Conduct online group classes with integrated audio-video, interactive chessboard, and real-time leaderboard!

Interact with your students by asking them questions. Students can answer your question by making moves (simultaneously) on the board. They will be rewarded with points for answering correctly, and the leaderboard is updated in real-time to motivate the students! 

Conduct tournaments from your website!

Swiss & Quad format, live broadcast for parents, built-in engine detection

Do you want to conduct online chess tournaments from your own website? How cool would it be to invite parents/others to watch the games live? With Chesslang, you can customize the public live page, show Ads about your Academy/Club/Federation, and promote your brand! 

Additionally, our built-in engine detection will compare the players’ moves with the engine moves. It will show you key metrics including the number of moves analyzed and % of moves matching with engine’s top-3 choices.

Match & Watch

Manually pair your students and watch the games live!

Your students can play friendly games amongst themselves by sending invitations. You can also manually pair them and watch their games live. All the games are saved for analysis. 


Tailor-made Homework | Schedule Assignments | Track Progress | Reports

Tailor-made Homework

Give tailor-made homework problems for your students to solve. You can also pick from our public database that has been curated into easy, medium, and hard levels of difficulty. 

Schedule Assignments

Schedule your assignments in advance and they will be assigned automatically to your students on the selected dates. 

Progress & Report

Keep track of your students’ progress on the assignments. Go beyond just seeing if they have solved – get detailed insights on the time taken for each attempt and see your students’ incorrect attempts. 

Create practice positions and drills for your students!

Organize them into chapters of different levels

Let your students master the basic checkmates, must-know positions, and checkmating patterns by playing them against the engine, repeatedly. You can also create your own custom drills for your students to practice.

Most importantly, you can organize your practice positions into chapters with various levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Upload, annotate, and share games with students

Say goodbye to cluttered folders - manage all databases in a single place!

You no longer have to worry about managing your students’ games and databases across multiple platforms and folders. With Chesslang, your students can feed their games, save them, and share the database with you in just a few minutes! 

You can annotate their games and the changes will be automatically reflected. You can also share training games with your students to collaborate with them.

Blindfold chess to improve visualization!

Your students can play blindfold chess against the computer to improve their calculation and visualization skills. They can also see the piece positions by ‘revealing the chessboard’, try to visualize it for some seconds, and go ‘Blind Mode’ again. Alternatively, students can see the moves shown on the scoresheet to help recollect the moves.

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