3 Top features that chess coaches love in Chesslang.com

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Most Loved Feature

Ability to see all the attempts after a students solve homework assigned by the coach

In the above image – Coach is seeing the attempts made by his student named ABC. Not just the right moves but also the wrong attempts made by the student during the exercise/homework puzzle solving session is recorded.

Want to learn more about this feature ? – check this article – https://chesslang.com/knowledgebase/how-to-track-assignments-given-to-students/

Second most loved feature

Ability to integrate with chess academy website within 5 mins

chesslang.com integrated inside chessaura.com

Did you notice the URL in the above link, it says coaching.chessaura.com . Yes! Chesslang is white labelled and integrated into the chessaura.com website

Third most loved feature

Reference Board during LIVE session

Little Reference board that coaches can use on the right side. Popular called as the “The Book Board” . This reference board is visible only to coaches during LIVE sessions with students.

Want to know more about this feature – check this -> https://chesslang.com/knowledgebase/using-reference-materials-while-teaching/


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