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5 better ways to announce your app launch in social media

1. Make the launch more personal

Share a story about your growth and contributions as a chess coach and announce the launch. By making it personal, every one can connect personally with your brand.

Here is how Chess Max Academy made the announcement of their mobile app ( An academy run by Grandmaster Max Dlugy )

2. Tag & Thank your well-wishers

There might be well-wishers like your school principal or co-workers who worked along with you over the years. Take this opportunity to thank them and tag them in the post.

3. Mention in the post that the app is free to use to get more leads/downloads

Check Image 4

Yes. The app actually has a lot of free stuff – Including play with computer, basic courses and daily global quiz contests for the free users to get engaged on a daily basis

Mentioning that the app is FREE to download will get more likes & downloads.

4. Use our marketing poster

We have shared personalised marketing poster for many of our customer apps using our unique Marketing Image Automation Tool™. Use the image to get more personalised image from us

Here is how an academy from Philippines have used our personalised marketing poster in their social media post

5. Announce it in multiple platforms

These days your audience might be active in one of the many social platforms. So publish your post in facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin etc for better traction

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