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Sub-coach Management: 5 commonly faced issues and how to overcome them

As your chess academy grows with time, when the student base increases, there will be an increase in the number of coaches in your academy. Of course, you won’t be able to teach all the students in your academy. You would have to hire more coaches to cater to different levels/groups of students. Managing your sub-coaches is critical – this is called sub-coach management.

5 common issues of sub-coach management 

Sub-coach management is about guiding your coaches and supervising their performance. When done properly, it drives smoother workflow and increases the overall productivity of your academy. 

Let’s discuss the 5 commonly faced issues of sub-coach management and how you can overcome them with Chesslang. 

1) Losing track of students assigned

The reason you hire a sub-coach for your academy is to share and delegate the work to be done – to allocate some students for that coach to teach. 

But it is important to keep track of the students who you have assigned to the sub-coach. And when there are multiple coaches in your academy, more new student enrollments, some dropouts, etc., it becomes even more difficult to keep track of everything.

Solution: In Chesslang, you can invite your colleagues to join your academy, and then assign students and student groups to them. At any point in time, you can remove the mapping of a student or a student group to the coaches. Learn more

2) Losing track of classes taken

The next major concern you would have as the head coach of your academy is the productivity of your sub-coaches. You would be contemplating with questions like “How many classes did Lisa conduct last week? Did John conduct the weekend class for the beginners group?”. 

Obviously, you would want to know exactly how many classes they took so that you can be sure about how much to pay them. 

Solution: With Chesslang, you can filter the list of classes conducted by each sub-coach in your academy. You can also use the date filter to know how many classes they conducted in a week, or month, or any time period. You can find more details here.

3) Losing track of the class duration

Let’s imagine that you are paying your sub-coaches based on an hourly fee and one of them says that he took a class for 1.5 hours. How can you be really sure whether he took the class for one hour or not? 

And you would definitely not want to have any rift in your relationship or awkward conversations that lets your coaches think that you are not trusting them enough. 

Solution: The ideal solution is to have a proper system that keeps an entry of the classes conducted by your sub-coaches. And Chesslang gives you just that! In addition to the number of classes taken, you can also see the duration of each class, students invited to the class, students attended, absentees, etc. 

4) Losing track of class details (topics covered, classroom materials, notes, etc.)

When you have multiple coaches in your academy, it would be almost impossible to monitor all the classes of each coach. But it is essential that you are aware of what is being taught, whether your coaches are teaching the concepts they are supposed to, and whether they are going at the right pace. 

Solution: We’ve made the job easier for you – during the class, your coaches can write notes for students and themselves. After the class is over, you can find these notes in the class details. You can also find other details like the positions used by the coach in the class, questions asked, students’ attendance, and leaderboard statistics to see who performed well in the class. Learn more.

5) Losing track of materials (databases) shared 

As a head coach, you would probably share materials/databases with your coaches. But you might have a HUGE concern over the privacy of your materials. Often the problem is a lack of restricted access when sharing materials online. Whether you want them to only view the databases or to edit as well? What if you want to restrict them from downloading the database games? 

Solution: Our comprehensive database feature allows you to manage all of this efficiently. You can organize databases in folders. And you can share folders and databases with your coaches with restricted access – you can allow/disallow them to edit and/or download the games. 

Additionally, you can also share the studies you have created with your coaches with read-only access. And they can simply use it for their quizzes. 


Sub-coach management is one of the key components of running an academy. Having a team of coaches with whom you have good relationships is super important. With Chesslang, we try to make it easy for you to manage your coaches through detailed insights and secured space to share materials. 

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