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10 Reasons Why Chess Coaches and Academies love Chesslang

One of the most common questions we are asked by chess coaches and academies is “How is Chesslang different from other platforms?”. Unlike other platforms, Chesslang is built from the ground up especially for chess coaches and academies. 

We did strong research on the needs of chess coaches/academies, talked to several coaches, understood their needs, and built the ideal platform they want. That’s how we build and refine everything in Chesslang.

While Chesslang is different, and much better, from other platforms in various aspects, in this article we will talk about the top 10 reasons why Chesslang is the best platform to train your students.

1. Snap diagrams from PDFs & load positions instantly!

Do you use chess PDFs/e-books as reference materials while teaching your students? We know the struggle of setting up those positions on the board manually. If you feel it’s mundane too, you’re going to love this! 

You can upload chess PDFs (e-books) to your online classroom, snap chess diagrams, and automatically load those positions onto the chessboard – within just seconds! 

Want to know more about this feature, how it works, and see how chess coaches around the world love it? Click here.

2. Ask questions during class, all students can solve at the same time!

During your online group classes, you can boost interaction by asking questions to which all your students can answer at the same time by making moves on their individual copies of the chessboard! 

You can reward points if your students are answering correctly, customize the question, set the solution, and set the timer to solve. The real-time leaderboard boosts adrenaline and yields maximum participation from your students! 

Best of all, you can see how your students are solving in real-time, the right and wrong attempts they are making, along with the time taken for each attempt. You can also see the top moves (most commonly made moves) by your students as they try to solve the problem, which gives you an idea about their thinking process. 

3. The platform is integrated with your academy/club website

The first and foremost difference between Chesslang and other platforms is that we provide a white-label solution. This means that we will integrate the platform with your academy/club/school website – for example, online.<yourwebsite>.com

Therefore, you, your students, and other coaches in your academy can log in to your website for training and playing activities, and not

Additionally, you can customize the login page, add your academy logo, background image, and also customize the public live games page by promoting your brand! 

Chess coaching platform for chess coaches and academies

Example of how Chesslang is integrated with with customized login page

4. Classroom with Zoom integration for audio-video call

Our comprehensive Classroom lets you conduct both individual and group classes with integrated audio and video calls. We have built-in video conferencing and also support integration with Zoom

Chesslang classroom zoom integration

Even if you have multiple coaches in your academy, each of you can configure the individual settings inside the platform, and therefore have unique Zoom meetings in case of simultaneous classroom sessions. Most importantly, as your students join the classroom, their names in the Zoom meeting are automatically picked up from their configured Chesslang usernames.

5. Conduct public/open classrooms or seminars

Apart from conducting classes for your academy/club students, you can also conduct public or open classroom sessions that ANYONE can join by just clicking a link – yes, literally anyone can join, even if they are not your student or part of your academy. 

But why public classrooms? This is a great way for getting leads for your academy. If you are a streamer, this is a great opportunity to convert all your viewers to participants, and eventually to your academy students. 

6. Interactive quizzes with puzzles and MCQs

As a coach who wants to engage your students by making them solve puzzles/tactics, you might be sharing homework or assignments during academy-off days either through email or WhatsApp, or sometimes in papers. 

With Chesslang, you can create interactive quizzes with puzzles and multiple-choice questions (MCQs), configure settings like time to solve, maximum attempts, negative scoring, hints, and more. Of course, your students can solve them within the platform. You can track all their right and wrong attempts, along with the time taken for each attempt.

Chess quiz puzzles and mcq

Did you know: We’ve also built the world’s first lead generation tool for chess coaches and academies called Chessfunnel, a co-product of Chesslang. 

7. Conduct USCF online Quad tournaments (with live USCF ratings sync)

You can fetch the live USCF ratings of your students based on their Official USCF IDs with just a click of a button, and conduct Quad format tournaments from your website! Players will be automatically divided into sections based on their ratings/seeding. 

Most importantly, you can download the DBF file (TRF file and PGN of games are also auto-generated) to submit the tournament report in the USCF TD portal. 

8. Public LIVE broadcast for parents – no login required

Parents love to watch their kids play, while some even know how to play chess. You can share the public LIVE games link with parents/others and invite them to watch the tournament/simul games live from your website.

Chesslang public live games broadcast

They might pass on the link to their friends and it’s a cascading effect for your brand, and a great way to gain a lot of traffic to your website. And while they watch the live games, you can also add some information/Ads about your academy – your academy logo, upcoming tournaments, special classes, coaching camps, etc. Additionally, you can add links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).

9. Automatic and transparent engine analysis for tournament games

We have a dedicated anti-cheating analysis engine that will analyze the tournament games. After a game is completed, we compare the moves played by the players against the engine moves, i.e. seeing how accurate their moves are.

Anti-cheating engine analysis

While other platforms are not transparent about their anti-cheating mechanisms, in Chesslang you can see exactly the number of moves made by your students that match with the engine’s top moves. 

10. Administer and manage under one roof

It’s not just about your students and training them, but it’s also about the other important activities you do in your academy. You can:

  • Add sub-coaches and assign students (or student groups) to them
  • Track all the classes conducted by your sub-coaches
  • Share databases and folders with other coaches and students
  • Communicate with students and other coaches with the internal chat system
  • Set academy-level board settings (kid-themed piece sets)


While we could only highlight the top 10 unique features of Chesslang, there are several other interesting things and features that make it the best platform for chess coaches. Some of them include kid-friendly chess pieces (spiderman and minion chess set), the ability to send animated expressions in the classroom to appreciate your students, simul chess, bughouse, and more. 

Chesslang is trusted and used by thousands of coaches around the world (in over 64 countries). Want to join the community? Sign up here.

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