Get your own online chess coaching and
playing platform for just $1

All-in-one platform under your academy/club website -

Why connect with your students elsewhere when you can do it from your website? Chesslang is a white-label platform, so we will integrate it with your website within just 5 minutes. Therefore, you and your students will log in to online.<yourwebsite>.com for all the training and playing activities.

Teach your students with interactive Classroom

Conduct interactive group classes with integrated audio-video. Ask your students questions, and they will get an individual copy of the chessboard. Yes, they all make moves at the same time, individually, and answer the question. Reward them with points for answering correctly and motivate them with a real-time leaderboard!

Conduct online tournaments with public LIVE and anti-cheating!

Run Swiss, Quad, and Team tournaments for your students. Share the public LIVE link with parents and others, and invite them to watch the games live from your website. Do you suspect that your students are using engine while playing online tournaments? Get instant reporting for all tournament games and see the number of player moves matching with the engine’s top choices.


First and foremost, your students will log in to your website for training and playing activities, and not Chesslang is a platform for chess academies/clubs. It’s an all-in-one Swiss army knife with tools that help you train your students, store and analyze their games, conduct tournaments, manage multiple coaches, and much more in a box.

We integrate a completely white-label platform under online.<yourwebsite>.com. The integration takes only 5 minutes, with simple instructions.

With Chesslang, you can give homework problems for your students, and they can solve them within the platform. Bonus, you can track all the right and wrong attempts of the students, including the time taken for each attempt. See the trend of how your academy students are solving over time.

You can conduct individual and group classes with integrated audio-video, interactive chessboard, text chat, ask them questions, reward them with points, get real-time leaderboard, load reference materials, allow students to make moves, hide pieces for students, highlight pawn structure, and so much more.

Your students can take online classes from you, play tournaments, play casual games with other students, share their database games, play blindfold chess, solve homework, practice positions, and more.

Yes, you and your students can see who is online, and invite each other for a friendly game. You, as a coach, can also create manual pairings and decide who should play whom. The games can also be viewed live. 

Yes, all the tournament games and casual games are stored inside the platform. You and your students can also share databases with each other.