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In this 45 mins 1-1 demo, you will learn in depth on how the product works and its benefits. Get access to trial login to play around with your students and make informed decision.

Conduct Tournaments, Group lessons with Interactive video and board, Assignments, LIVE Broadcast, Game rooms & more

Founder, panamachess4kids
Secretary, panama chess federation

Chesslang is the Ferrari of Training tools. We started using chesslang from November 2019, and it has been the tool that I was waiting for years. We have grown at least 2x in student strength despite COVID-19.

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Learn how Terrian Chess Academy's founder Brian Kidula launched his own chess platform by Integrating with chesslang and got support from Kenyan Government for this initiative

Brian Kidula, Founder Terrian Chess Academy - Kenya

Praful Zaveri, Founder of Indian Chess School, FIDE Instructor & Author of The Chess Course

We have started using Chesslang from March 2020 with a view to accelerate the learning process of our students by combining the traditional method and chess technology

My perception of this system was to ensure that students - besides learning through our curriculum book - also get an opportunity to solve the same online.

However, the demo provided by Arun S turned out to be a surprise as he showed me the bundle of features, which I had not expected!

The parents are really happy that their children are getting an opportunity to play classical games - which is a rarity (forget about the present situation - the non-rating classical tournament

As regards tournament platform, during these 50-days we have conducted no less than 4 classical tournaments (daily 1-round with TC of 60m+30s), 4 Rapid Tournament (TC 25m+30s with 1 on Sicilian Dragon theme - the biggest advantage of a theme event provided by Chesslang is that games can be started from the move desired by the trainer) + 2 Blitz tournament (TC 5m+3s) and now have a build a database of 1676 games!!

Indian Chess School is privileged to have Chesslang as technology partner and I have no hesitation in recommending academies and trainers to subscribe to it - you are going to have Value for your money!

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30 Students Package
$ 540 Yearly. 3$ per user/month
  • All features Included
  • 3 FREE coach accounts


30 Students Package
$ 720 Yearly. 2.5$ per user/month
  • All features Included
  • 5 FREE coach accounts


60 Students Package
$ 1080 Yearly. 2$ per user/month
  • All features Included
  • 10 FREE coach accounts


100 Students Package
$ 1500 Yearly. 1.5$ per user/month
  • All features Included
  • 15 FREE coach accounts

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